What is Plantcore?

In my first post on this blog I want to explain what Plantcore is and what you can expect in terms of playtime.

Plantcore is a tight 2D exploration platformer on which I work since February 2012.

You play as a little, cuddly creature and explore an open world, in which many different kinds of plants are growing. These plants grant you new abilities and by cleverly using them, you will be able to discover the holy stone tablets, which provide you divine powers.  But you have to be careful, becoming a god is dangerous and there are threats that you will never have seen before in a videogame..

I think that the average time for the first playthrough will be about one hour. Additionally there are many hidden secrets and challenges. To solve those you will need to acquire a deep knowledge about the game-world.

If this sounds interesting to you, keep an eye on it on Twitter or Facebook.

Take care!